About Us

In 2012, our family bought a house on Lake Winnebago, which meant we needed to get a boat! We were new boat owners and soon discovered there is a lot to think about when owning a boat, especially on Lake Winnebago. Buying the boat was the fun part! We purchased a Harris FloteBote tritoon with an awesome radio and a tube for the kids. We were set! Well, Lake Winnebago is an angry beast…you need a quality boat lift to keep it out of the waves. We contacted Jeremy at EastSide Dock and Lift https://eastsidedocks.com/ and checked out his vast selection. He’s a small business owner and provides exemplary customer service with both his dock and lift selections, as well as his seasonal services. His customers have been coming back year after year!

Our next dilemma was, where to store it in the winter? We tried boat storage places all around the area (Oshkosh, Neenah, Menasha, etc) and we had all kinds of problems. We always had to have our boat out of the storage facility by the end of March and that is a very cold ride across Lake Winnebago! On one occasion, they pulled the wrong blue Harris tritoon out of storage which resulted in a wasted trip and time as we needed to reschedule to go back to get our actual boat! We finally got sick and tired of the poor service and decided we were going to store it on our driveway. That didn’t work either. Who knew a 24’ tritoon would take up that much space? My wife complained about how it looked, how hard it was to get in the garage and I admit, it was hard to get the snowblower around it.

We would like to get service on OUR terms, not a storage facility’s. I would like to store my boat the way I left it (or maybe even detailed). I wanted to make sure that my battery was fully charged and my gas tank was topped off before I hit the water for the season.
We have come up with an option… concierge services by EastSide Boating & Storage. We are partnering with Jeremy at EastSide Dock and Lift in giving you a unique boating and storage experience. We will put the customer service back in boating to find out exactly what YOU need. Our premium services are designed around your needs and our mission is to offer private and secure storage, both outdoor and indoor, for boats, RVs, PWCs and snowmobiles, as well as any other services you may need.

Give us a call at (920) 306-5990 or e-mail us at info@EastsideBoating.com to discuss your custom needs and how we can take the hassle out of boating for you!